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Shop local and cut food waste

Tyneside Q Guild Butcher George Payne hit the headlines in 2016 by backing the Love Food Hate Waste’s ‘Meaty Issues’ campaign. They revealed that every year people in the UK throw away 34,000 tonnes of beef – the equivalent of 300 million burgers.

A campaign poll found that one in six Newcastle residents who bought beef had let it go to waste by ignoring it until after the use-by date. A tenth also admitted they’d thrown it out after leaving it uncovered or in an open packet.

George said: “Beef is a very versatile meat – there are lots of different cuts and joints to choose from, which is why it remains very popular.

“There are also many ways to make it go further – using up leftovers, utilising unused portions in a wide range of recipes or freezing it for future use, so there’s no real excuse for people wasting it if they have some that hasn’t been used up.”

George advised: “By speaking to their local butcher, people can make sure they buy the best type and quantity of beef – and other meats – to suit their needs, get advice about preparation and storage, and also ensure they get the best value for money.”


Shop local and we reward your loyalty

Many of you are now benefiting from using our new loyalty card, “Swipii”.

You can use a phone app or we have cards in the shop. Scan it each time you come to earn your rewards.

For example just 4 visits will earn you 2 FREE burgers!

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