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Sales soar as ‘horse meat’ scandal brings customers back to high street butchers

All meat – a real treat.’ Butcher George Payne with the 100% beef that goes into his home-made burgers.

All meat – a real treat.’ Butcher George Payne with the 100% beef that goes into his home-made burgers.


George Payne Butchers in Brunton Park, Gosforth, says it has seen a 10 per cent increase in trade since the horse meat scandal swept the nation, with beef burger sales up 30 per cent. Owner George Payne said: “Not only are our home-made beef burgers literally flying of the shelves, but trade in general has also soared, particularly over the past week or so. “More and more customers are coming through the door, including many new faces. We can only put this down to the effects of horse meat scare. It has made a real difference to trade and I think consumers have become more aware that there isn’t transparency in purchasing meat, burgers in particular, from their local supermarket. “Our meat is sourced from local farms and we pride ourselves on this. We can give an assurance that our burgers are 100% free from horse meat.”

George Payne Butchers is a founder member of the Q Guild, a membership organisation of over 100 of the UK’s leading independent butchers.

Mr Payne said: “Q Guild butchers can show the provenance of all the products they sell and we pride ourselves on being able to deliver from farm to plate and in knowing every step of the process.“

Sales figures from all our members show that consumers are heading back to the high street following the scare, which has dented consumer trust in the major supermarkets. This has been a real win not only for us, but also the Q Guild and traditional independent butchers as a whole.

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