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Welcome to George Payne Butchers

George Payne has been a traditional family butcher for over 40 years, establishing his own shop in Brunton Park, Gosforth, in 1987. The business is this year celebrating its landmark 30th anniversary.

George Payne Butchers Shop

The shop is renowned near and far for sourcing locally fed and reared meat products - notably rare breeds beef, lamb and pork - through long-established gate-to-plate partnerships with Northumberland farmers.

From these, George and his team devotedly and expertly create a vast range of hand-crafted products – from award-winning sausages, burgers, home-cured and smoked bacons and hams, through to succulent roasts and mouthwatering steaks, along with British birds of a feather, many free-range, and a full range of game.

Quite simply, something to MEAT every conceivable need!

Alex's Black and White Banger Sizzles in National Sausage Contest

UK Sausage Week AwardGeorge Payne Butchers' shop manager Alex Daley is a Newcastle United fan through and through - so much so that he created and named a speciality sausage in honour of his beloved team.
Now, Alex's 'Black and White' banger has scored a major success after picking up a top award in a national competition run to celebrate 2017 UK Sausage Week - read more...


Whitebred Shorthorn Cattle

Now available for the first-time ever at George Payne Butchers – prime beef cuts from Whitebred Shorthorn cattle from our long-time suppliers Millers of Speyside.Taste the difference.

Whitebred Shorthorn CattleWhitebred Shorthorns are bred mainly in the border counties of England and Scotland, and while the exact origin and birthplace of the breed is not known, it is likely that they were derived over 100 years ago from the white dual purpose Shorthorn cattle, locally known as the Cumberland Shorthorn.  In 2004, the Whitebred Shorthorn was added to the Rare Breed Survival Trust's Watchlist as a "critical" status 1 breed.

The Whitebred Shorthorn Association is a member of the National Beef Association and is supported by the Rare Breed Survival Trust. Need to know more? - Visit www.whitebredshorthorn.com. Or why not give it a try at George Payne Butchers. By eating the fantastic quality meat of this endangered species our customers are actually helping to ensure its very survival.

Beefing up Newcastle University Racing’s Historic Achievement

North-east butcher George Payne beefed up Newcastle University Racing’s record-breaking achievement in an annual inter-university track race at Silverstone - read more...

Fantastic Customer Feedback

Our special 30th Anniversary promotion selling Rolled Beef Silverside at the same price it was three decades ago went down a real treat with customers old and new. 

Here we share some really positive feedback from one satisfied local customer who bought a whole set of rib of beef from Whitebred Shorthorn cattle, which went on sale in the shop for the first time recently and have been proving extremely popular - read more...

Dexter Beef

The Dexter breed originated in the South West of Ireland. The smallest native breed of cattle in the British Isles, they produce excellent beef. 

Dexter Cattle

Delicious Pedigree Dexter Beef is of outstanding quality and tastes as beef used to taste. It comes in smaller family sized joints and cuts, cooks superbly because of the excellent marbling and eats like a dream.

Dexter Beef appears regularly on TV cooking programmes. Top chefs use it. Now you can too at George Payne Butchers.

Our current local suppliers are Northumberland farmers John and Sue Towers, of Combhill Farm, near Morpeth. They are members of the Dexter Cattle Society, based at Stoneliegh Park in Warwickshire. For more information on this wonderful breed visit www.dextercattle.co.uk.

Organic Lamb

Try our Organic Lamb from Tom Burn, of Holy Island - 'you really can taste the difference'.

Specialising in Locally Reared Native & Rare Breeds Beef, Lamb & Pork

For example:

  • Aberdeen Angus and Hereford Beef
  • Tamworth, British Lop, and Saddleback Pork

You really can taste the difference

Always available – extensive range of Home-Made Ready Meals



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